See the topic will be a kind of very strange feeling it? Yes ~ I ~ When I first saw this when the word depressed for a long time, what zebra people, ah! ? Sagittarius Centaur I have heard, now emitting a zebra one! ! ! ? ? ? Really odd ~Because from the curious, [...]

In Aries:Pioneering spirit of the strong, stubborn, bold, courageous, self-confident. For a strong attack. Easy to hurt others In Taurus:Headstrong, stubborn, jealous strong. Greed and concentrate on making money. Even if the inner dissatisfaction, over time it will be shown. In Gemini: Like to brag, though smart, but absent-minded, not calm; often a waste of [...]

CapricornCause of transport: this month, a number of emotions more strongly, the work can be easily angered by small things around us, in fact, compassion, joy is a moment of all, to adjust the best state of mind.Love: Love Games is quite optimistic, if not between the two men had trouble last year, the old [...]