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Constellation little prince! Who is the most accomplished woman


Pisces women are two types, one is relatively weak and more confused the little woman, another Pisces woman has always been a good wrist, both at home and in the company really understands how to incentives and penalties, the repairs on the tube on the pipe repair, but She will also house all done enough to meet her husband face. And if you look a little praise her, her husband would be dead set to serve.


Cancer girls are two, one is very dirty very lazy, the other is the absolute model wife, they both have become her glamorous, but also very low key, no matter how successful or will it do to help her husband full face, let her husband think they have hurt the conscience of trouble, so even if the success of girls Cancer can maintain a happy marriage.


Aquarius girls focus on one thing at a time when very charming, and very sensible, it is easier to achieve career success, but more importantly, they are sloppy, make her husband feel more relaxed, and although their marriage may rich in romance, but after marriage they are absolute loyalty, get her husband to rest assured that, in marriage is also relatively easy to its capability.


Aries of foreign girls are strong, start with things, vigorous and resolute, a strong woman of style. In fact, after they return home, but quite another vice like, they will take the initiative of the housework at home, in front of my husband is also a cute little woman’s appearance, in addition to occasional curse or nag her husband, on the whole they are still good wife and mother.


Scorpio girls attaches great importance to their husbands, regardless of how their career success, they are admired their husband, their husband will always have admiration for what the advantages to them, and their thinking in their time that should accompany her husband with the family, even if the relationship out of a sense of responsibility, they will make every effort to do a good job, when the overtime will be working overtime, but one can find the time they will be home with her husband. They will not sacrifice family for work.

8 to 11 January, the National Books Fair 2010 held in Beijing, the cultural and publishing units participated in the exhibition. Sina culture in order to study channel will set up a studio on site, and sign the little prince an interactive connection.

Analysis of The Little Prince Constellation Star Games 2010,

Moderator: Hello, everybody around the world Sina friends! Welcome to the 2010 Beijing Books Fair of Sina studio scene, today we honor a very famous constellation invited the little prince.
Constellation Little Prince: Hello! Hello everybody,

Moderator: Constellation brought us the little prince, a book called “Constellation Little Prince – 2010 Constellation Chronicles”, give us introduce you.
Constellation Little Prince: know your friends know, I wrote the series of books this year is the 12th years.
Moderator: Tell us about the constellation of luck what is the best?
Constellation Little Prince: What is your sign?
Host: Libra.
Constellation Little Prince: It is definitely not you.
Moderator: What can give us about the constellations in 2010 the most good luck then?
Constellation Little Prince: The best of luck this year is Pisces.
Moderator: Win it love?
Constellation little prince: no matter what Libra, Leo and Pisces are the best (laughs).
Host: Libra what is the best?

Constellation Little Prince: what next year’s Libra bad. Saturn in Libra pressure, so Libra’s friend in the next two years to look at interpersonal relationships, villains, right and wrong a lot.
Moderator: Then I quickly change the subject.

Constellation little prince: no, this year you are very busy for love, but the good or bad peach peach Oh you going to pay attention.
Moderator: It seems that we talk about it below. I read your book, your friends are familiar with the very stars.
Constellation little prince: all star friends.
Moderator: I like A sa.
Constellation Little Prince: Ah Sa in 2010 would be good work, love, respect will have good news comes through.
Moderator: Faye Wong then? You predict how the fortune she will come back later?

Constellation Little Prince: Faye Wong is a Leo, in the first half very good fortune, and in the second half there will be some bad rumors, such as the sex scandal, Faye Wong is not scandal, but other people out there are some sex scandal, no specific problems are more likely to gossip point.
Moderator: I still like Tony Leung.
Constellation Little Prince: Cancer?
Moderator: Right. You say about Tony’s constellation.

Constellation Little Prince: Cancer is a need to text a bit this year, the year, do not rush Tony Leung, Wong Kar-wai’s film shoot a few years, and perhaps this should concentrate on one thing a few years.

Moderator: The Little Prince is generally mysterious figure, generally do not say his thing, but I often see the little prince Sina micro-Bo, recently found a little worried about the little prince.
Constellation Little Prince: irritated, very annoying.
Moderator: to secretly tell us anything?
Constellation Little Prince: a very annoying thing right.

Moderator: I see the little prince wrote in the book, your sales volume in Asia for 11 years, first, how did you do? I heard that this book has not printed, on sale on Taobao more than 1,000 of this.

Constellation Little Prince: This is the first in 11 years bursts, many friends in life may persist in a year, it slowly persevered. In support of my friends here on 12 years of support, thank you!
Moderator: I see the little prince in this book that everyone has a calendar, to predict fortune every month.

Constellation Little Prince: the past is not in the book with hopes of more to enhance functionality that you can see every day, where I have better luck, better fortune, or love, better transportation, a daily reference point for everyone .
Moderator: Is it out with your book to know that this can go up?

Constellation Little Prince: I hope it can be. But you can not take this book, daily log Sina micro-Bo, I will keep things updated horoscope.
Moderator: Thank you very little prince today’s guest, Sina, Sina users can now sign the cut for next year, said it?

Constellation Little Prince: I think in 2010 with a bit over the past few years, as there may be no bad news over the past few years and bad things happen, but some things happen the impact is not immediate, but long-term impact will occurred. Hope all things considered, such as before we see “2012″ in Beijing this year, to see the rare snow effects, so we have to protect the earth, if you do not protect the earth may be the crisis in the future, so more support Earth.
Moderator: That I have to hurry to buy a summons.
Constellation little prince: can not afford, expensive.
Moderator: Constellation Little Prince finally, what can friends with Sina said.

Constellation Little Prince: “Little Prince -2.01 thousand Constellation Constellation Chronicles” This year’s creative arts produced with the cooperation of the Dragon, cooperation, quite good, and also thank them for their help and support!
Moderator: I wish your book a hit!
Constellation Little Prince: Thank you!

Analysis of The Little Prince Constellation Star Games 2010,

Constellation little prince! Why despair?

Virgo – Recollection life experience

Virgo people have a lot of failures and escape from the reality of the experience, but ultimately failed to get rid of the pain; to really make them desperate, only recollections life experience. Cheng pulls past because of their feelings than reality, recollections life experience feelings will increase because of the time, so they can peak in the cause of despair. Older, the higher the chance of despair.

Libra – emphasis on body

Libra people attached particular importance to individual body. See other people Titaiqingying will envy. Obesity weight-loss plan will be set a little, act, persist in the end! One even thinner body type, still feel that “revolution is not successful and comrades still hard work.” Weight out of control if a “dinosaur”, will give up on themselves, eating and drinking, and despair, no longer the envy of other people’s body.

Scorpio – Genuine Holy

Scorpios, though introverted, but Genuine holy love, love was dead set. To see patients in the Tears of Blood Butterfly testament, for the love come to grief, Flying into a butterfly; or see the wreck of the male and female life and death of other movies, they will tears, crying. If Yurenbushu, was playing with the feelings of the modern Chen Shimei, they will vote with their feet from being the Red-dyed, not to worry the move, really desperate.

Sagittarius – being sold

Sagittarians attention to relationships, when they are friends / colleagues excluded, the mood becomes bad. If you can not integrate into the group or status is not recognized by most people, they would be more sad. But for them, the most difficult to accept that being a good friend betrayed. After being betrayed, Sagittarius people will despair, withdrawal from social life very seriously in the past, no longer pay for the feelings of anyone.

Capricorn – Chu Chen refined

Capricorn people the courage to face difficulties, even when some major setbacks, will continue to face, will not escape the idea. However, the difficulties and pain long-term commitment, the will gradually on the struggle between earthly tired and eventually despair. When they said: “The fame and wealth is ephemeral. Impermanence fortune in life, why the small expense of labor served themselves”, they should have been out of Red Dust.

Aquarius – and out of the Red

Aquarians love unhappy and broken easily because of Red Dust. There will be an emotional impact and Zen Thinning, fading back into the idea of Buddhism. Their despair in a short time, can also be more short time and then fall Red Dust. See the charming half-open red lips biting the opposite sex, desire, like lightning-like shot out from the crystal clear eyes, the despair of Aquarius will pull skirt shouted: “Eros, to shoot an arrow it!

Pisces – Love and Interlacing

Pisces people think like a person does not need a reason, may be dead set love for no reason. Just for love, no pay is worth it. Love will be very sad failure, but in the end was sad that the unfortunate people who fall in love with discarding both love and hate, but also more chance. Will determinedly under the entangled love and hate despair, do not love anyone. Even if future market conditions prodigal son, Pisces people will be more heart of stone.

Aries – too good

We need to have ideals, but Aries breaks near the ideal fairy tale, when they expect no good things, the heart becomes heavy. Aries people will not be a cause / failure and despair in love, but because of a long boring life and to make the hearts of the beautiful fairy tale disillusioned and disheartened. They may slowly despair.

Taurus – Unforgettable money

Taurus people often worry about money, for the love of hopeless love for the opportunity is still rather low, most likely desperate for money. There is no doubt that today’s society is utilitarian, money is king, but the money does not necessarily bring happiness and laughter, it certainly can bring sadness and difficulties. In recent years the economic downturn, I believe many people in Taurus because of negative equity and despair.

Gemini – for love

Gemini people though Youth do not know real depression, but do not think they will not despair, because they love sex as a means of expression, not sexual, relations between men and women would no longer have any meaning. And they easily went into the sex life as all. Once the first non-sexual partners and the bed, sex can not be met, it will be a severe blow, it is possible to immediately break the dust out of life completely changed.

Cancer – the edge of death

Cancers may at any time after the lovelorn being vitality, career failure is a necessary stage of life. If economic problems, big deal for bankruptcy, life can still be fun. For them, life is probably the most painful thing life to death, so people do not like to participate in Cancer farewell or a funeral. Only by the edge of death shocks, it is most likely desperate.

Leo – a ray of hope

Leo is a strong personality, occasional failure will not bring much impact, but realized that a complete failure, she will not accept the reality. For example, when Leo’s track and field athletes aware of their advanced age, the Olympic gold medal aspirations to miss again, the only way out of sports. But they did not like the other players to stay as coach, will not get past the glorious deeds of rhetoric; desperate Leo completely erases memories and start all over.

Constellation Little Prince! Love gradually fade

Incomparable style has always been lively, not many gray areas, clear Fine! When the attraction between the two is no longer, as the same campfire will be put out, faded
! Never. Unless you have a skill led all of this, insertion of new elements ignite the spark of love. But remember, the concept of winning or losing, and playing dead wrapped around this trick, but an absolute abuse of unused,
For a Yaoyao Yu crashed feelings, but speed up the burning speed, and lead to more anti-Bale.


When he recognized you, pledged Xi Zizi to invite you to share all the rich good, such as Chibian snacks around, traveled spot, this is the joy of Taurus-style. If unfortunately you have parted ways, you might be surprised that he should recover one by one so seriously, that made him visible in your investment, you have to give some valuable souvenirs
! Do not worry, in fact, it’s just a concrete tangible things, look at the world, understand him!


Although the ruthless have no desire to, just a flash of God, the other half on the way until you make some noise, go elsewhere. He has bee like mission, patrolling around collecting different elements, try to understand it Gemini is the message carriers. If you have diverse personalities, be considered equal
! He will certainly be the same with mini that changing, intangible qualities! Fact, you can choose him or give up his, without blame.


They seem to be placed in this world to collect memories, memories occupy most of their lives. Because of over-sensitive, so easy to sentimental, tender feelings hurt, but he is bound to emerge a strong defensive,

Nevertheless, the “entangled” to describe is Cancer
! They were so sentimental, and all things 800 years ago, and still keyed in mind stirring from time to time, Du Wu thinking love, forget it, fit it!


Although they are always around a lot of admirers around, but Leo is open and above board, personalized dedication, loyalty and stability are high. But if they really want to let go, then probably no chance of turning back. So you have to take care of this relationship, do not let them evolve to the point where it deserted
! Case of insecurity, he would generously tangible way back you have to have a good sweet time periods under the paintings and the comments!

Analysis often things very clearly, through self-reflection, doubt, continues to improve. Love is a given, so if the emotional uncertainty, might not be so different story
! If we look at love the same way, over-analysis, and spur the loved one to progress, it also the worst of times
! Ago, after many feel will be suspected, criticized the defeat. There is a saying, “broke up due to better understanding” is often the expression of this type of rational thought.


Totem is a symbol of Libra Libra, they are like judges, before making a decision, used to consider again the hope of creating the most rigorous and the most perfect results. But worry too much, but can not make immediate, bright be decided, so the last was from the other opposing sides engaged in a fierce rivalry, their close fight, but the wise judge, then become a contest judge and the trophy winners
! In fact, what he decided to not do anything!


Extremely possessive of their emotional texture of black and white, strong emotions are often prohibitive, but also hinder the emotional development. Scorpio is the most loving person, as love, disillusionment, or betrayal felt experience, the wholehearted affection to ruthless in an instant, ready to cut off the relationship if these people will definitely start that super will power, there is no change Huan’s room, in fact it is the kind of surface, ruthless, but licking the blood of the people alone.

Him happy and out of your garden, so unrestrained, he always find a place where a given space. If you do not care about the form, it will be easy, if care can not stand long
! Not you
? Occasional dissatisfaction with resentment, when he a good mood, will most certainly generous compensation, and when he refused to give in when the Thirty-Six go to the mind a sense of when enough will back to you. Break you, does not matter
? Is your idea of a unilateral right!


Capricorn full development, they usually have a strong sense of responsibility, will be the actual level of consideration, and all will be made only after careful consideration the most appropriate decisions, to accept such a relationship is to end the same is true for some serious emotion. Capricorn full of remembering, in fact, whether a former girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husbands, although the intimate relationship ended, only something Xiang Qiu, they would still respond calmly to you, and assist


Just plain different, often swinging between warm and cold, and occasionally to remain silent, to a corresponding eye. Only this time the time interval will be longer than you expected, you do, he just evaporated from the world the same as indifference to you from the anxiety, disappointment and anger to date. But this difference is still no response to your last, pamper you, is not got a consolation. Is this the realization that you really want to break up?

Unclear what he ah
! Neptune’s people like the fog of the general, sometimes they live in reality, and sometimes brings a dream, falsehoods you that had not even grasp that things are always the last to clear. When you alert he had open when the slide from your side, usually the first step in his heart had been a bugger
! But he is often not a decision of the people, can not help it, also could not resist the temptation because it is so! Who deceived whom?

Constellation little prince! Problem girls

Pisces In fact, yours is full of curiosity, but do not know things that turn out to have nothing wrong, do not ask, do not know anything, and they like to talk to other people by this method into the relationship


Gemini likes to know a secret, like inquire about gossip, speak regarding the hobby already, and naturally asking questions such interest in a number of large


When he did not know or think to be withheld will be very interested to know, but also like to bring the discussion with others, in fact, sometimes he does not know I have to ask, Leo is also very curious