'Constellation Little Prince's private diary'

Avoid not love, it can not possibly avoid misunderstanding.Can not possibly avoid misunderstanding, it can not possibly avoid quarrels.Can not possibly avoid arguments, it can not possibly avoid breaking up.Got to avoid breaking up, it can not possibly avoid further disputes. So, is not to avoid misunderstanding.Obviously ruthless love each other, but it is said [...]

snow like film covering the entire piece picture I go home at midnight of that section of the road points their trivial dense mood After all, who the first say some words we need to have a decision between the We are no less than proud Liao but some would not say if will never [...]

Scorpio Chao Han people to the fire call the fire: “The Little Prince! I now ask myself why is not happy, repressed life?I can not imagine a happy life and it freely? Or am I subconsciously need a fixed income? Or I’m afraid I did not eventually find itself able to carry out a rich [...]

I want nothing but a little temperature. To which little temperature, to which you appear in front of me little timeI can not see many of your usual stand down,So often shouting at you in a dream. But, without your knowledge. Good fear of being replaced, because you are so far away, while the winter [...]