Fresh off weight-loss techniques, fasting means there are many types can be broadly divided into the clear water off to eat and off to eat fruits and vegetables. Clear water off to eat: Fresh off period is to drink only water, but off to eat, probably because the body of water can not provide sufficient heat, if implemented properly may appear weak and discomfort of the symptoms, but also caused severe ketoacidosis and shock.

Calorie weight-loss method, every patient to eat a chocolate, one month can be reduced more than one kilogram. The process of downsizing the most important thing is diet, proper intake of nutrients if they could from the small amount of food, access to the most adequate nutrients. No matter what kind of nutrients, the body will have some degree of help, can not afford to slim down to easily rounding. At this point to be noted that on the one hand to increase calorie consumption; on the one hand will have to reduce calorie intake.

Counting calories on the Gemini, the tired and too much trouble. Another trick you can choose: time slimming method; use a week as a cycle, not to achieve an effective weight-loss diet. Time a week weight-loss techniques, not only makes sculpture size, better shape a new good lover. Think about the causes of obesity, in fact most of the work of elements from. Gemini often or always work overtime to solve the delay in official dinner time, resulting in meals uncertain; eating and entertainment opportunities to increase, virtually eat and drink a lot of unnecessary food, and excessive drinking and drink coffee, it is the reason why the obesity Gemini 1.

Since short-term living conditions of Cancer was not changed, a change first diet change it, at least not after careful they eat a pile of messy food. General calories for one day in 1200 card to 2000 card, but large amount of movement of people is about one hundred thousand cards, to between 2250 card. Because obese people have accumulated a lot of subcutaneous fat, we must try to hoard fat before the burn, so the standard day’s calorie intake is about the 1200 card to 1600 card.

Feel really fat Leo a lot, but really to implement the downsizing of little Leo. Leo often think they have awesome fat, it seems only prudent, always find hundreds of reasons for their obesity acquittal, so why bother? If you confess, you fat, but like a fat cat had the Jianjian Fei. 5 kg weight-loss method is best placed in front of lard!


Slimming tea drink may not be familiar to many Virgo method to slim down. Tea can indeed receive some degree of effect, tea itself has cleared gastrointestinal function, daily diet, we may have excessive consumption of fat, so a cup of tea after meals can be fed to the oil solution. Oolong tea is said to have the functions of fat soluble; In addition, because the coarse wheat tea is rich in plant fiber, may enhance the diuretic effects, urinate and rid the body of excess water and smooth, natural feel thin. To do this, add some tea in a number of components, serves as slimming tea, slimming tea, a number of stomach and digestive organs claimed to be able to remove the toxins in the beginning, really be effective for drinking.

May lose weight for Libra moves and tricks, just as the largest in the history of cheating in general, was more than is dumbfounded. In addition to these weight-loss method, the general downsizing that if Libra is too tiring way, yourself have not got all day to blend spare cash, but you still Xiangshou assortment of weight loss supplements, you can try. From the most basic dumbbell, barbell, weight underwear, slimming insoles, slimming belt, etc., opened in Japan there is a refrigerator you will scream at you to lose weight Takei called pigs, to remind you: Do not eat. Trees planted this man, this sentence in Libra in thin country where it is intimate.


Scorpio want to lose weight is not because it is really fat, but want your body even better. Wash bath can wash salt bath of fat weight-loss techniques, it is suitable for Scorpio to do. Here the so-called bath salts, that is not our daily eating salt, natural salt in the sea after the crude salt Yantian after exposure. The use of salt to sterilization, disinfection, people sweating and moisturizing effect, to stimulate the skin.

Things do not like trouble Sagittarius, look thinner alone can eat and drink, really have such a way miles, so that Sagittarius can rely on drinking cola and eating apples will be thin. Cocoa, you can be in Asia, is the main raw material for manufacture of chocolate. Contain caffeine like substances known as cocoa beans base (theobromine), can motivate the nervous system, the role of the autonomic nervous with stability, and has expanded blood vessels, improving blood flow and blood pressure stability and function.

Drink plenty of water, so Capricorn thin doubly effective. You know? No-calorie water, can change the Capricorn because the work is too focused on the neglect of diet. Capricorn is not eating too much fat is eating too fast, before eating a cup of water, let your stomach dressed before dinner to let the water out of a sense of satiety, and diluted gastric juice, no longer let you get hungry, this is before meals Water make you slim success.

Aquarius maverick, often not forget to eat, do not have time to eat. Aquarius can choose Sunday proposed to strengthen thin ideas. Monday to Friday working days, select a day or two to implement honey weight-loss techniques, remember to practice the day, wherever you go, have to carry the honey in the briefcase, as long as can be dissolved in the tea honey or water where you can drink.

When we consider how thin tape to throw aside, the majority still believe the tape Pisces has the power to lose weight, or tape wrapped around it. Hand can reflect the health of various body parts, such as: thumb From the start of the segment, that person’s face, neck and shoulder; index finger for the arm and chest; middle finger for the upper abdomen; ring finger for the lower abdomen; the little finger on behalf of the leg . Index finger, middle finger, on behalf of the ring finger of the lower back, middle back and lower back. Tape wrapped around his fingers, which can be bound to the representatives of tight muscles, and thus to achieve weight-loss purposes. Bondage Tape is the thin finger through the excitement caused by downsizing.

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