Capricorn personality is very direct person, in principle put very clearly, do not compromise the place is also very stubborn, so even if the attitude is very moderate, but also to convey a “no relaxation” of the shelf. And they talk only of the work, even an easy chat, chatting chatting topic will turn up to work, but not careful long-winded. Capricorn also loved the kind of encouragement makes a kind of “was preaching,” “is correct” sense, are like a teacher at any time, even older than you, too, took a very inanimate, will inevitably make people feel he together really are not so easily, it is easy to think that the old man pull in dealing with the water bottle or the company to meet it.


In fact, Virgo gives the pressure from “high self-esteem”, the more depressed the virgin, the more people nervous, or very easy to break up the impression, as if standing on the pain points he would jump up like, let people pressure is Great. Casually say something like: “That you seem a bit abnormal,” he once more mad you see, his perfectionism any negative evaluations of the incredibly mind, as long as he mad once, I believe from a person with Virgo speech would be very careful. And many consider type Virgo will unconsciously fall into “try to figure out the other mind,” the dead end in just casually say, will continue to want to mean? Makes the pressure is really big enough.


Cancer to the pressure, only the closest people to know, but is invisible because it is the image of the surface of martial arts and have done pretty good, so outsiders, we unanimously agree that they are good men, good women, as close to those of hard Zhineng their pocketed nowhere v. the. Cancer often sensitive mad or complain about, too proud for they will not get out of control before a stranger, but will put its own people face, giving volatile pressure. Cancer is also some very active in business, also will Taojiao Qing, or has Push, self-promotion or even do anything to exploit any tiny opening, to be honest, though positive is a good thing but is too active can be very stressful.


Taurus is also full of great pressure on people, because they serious and direct, not to the score in that, even too lazy to do dressing, what he likes to what is good or bad is also a direct say directly that the rules of society almost him difficult to cover, at most, do not disturb and do their own hide. Lack of social nerve Taurus, not the humor and laugh a low pass, that we all laughed, and Taurus but refuse to laugh, because it is not funny, do not make fun of people, the atmosphere is really extreme cold spot. And when the cows out hair, and asked that if you just mean? Do not assume he will not let go, asking plus severely criticized, few people could ward off. Will have a talk to you can not be so straight? Taurus men are damned humorous, often cheap mouth to the people resented sharp teeth itch, female cows we all have courage to concede defeat when her little brother, gives the pressure is evident, see 2 Dan will know.


Scorpios are sensitive and will to attack to protect themselves, so no matter determined to mood, Scorpio has the opportunity to wounding and may not be aware of it so should be very careful with him, lest the wind sweeping tail, or provoke him to bear a grudge mind. Where most people criticized that “fell out like turning a page” and never know where the mines, because the Scorpio is not deign to explain injuries, he would rather let hate into force yourself better. Many Scorpio personality is good enough to get along, but spoke of serious matters may completely different motorcycle up immediately, in particular, looks not very lovable, Ban Qilian to really full of terror, then remarks full of air like a quarrel , the momentum of this morning, we all want to flash farther. Taurus at least over a low-key, but where are very high-profile Scorpio is, people do not pay attention too difficult.

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