See the topic will be a kind of very strange feeling it? Yes ~ I ~ When I first saw this when the word depressed for a long time, what zebra people, ah! ? Sagittarius Centaur I have heard, now emitting a zebra one! ! ! ? ? ? Really odd ~
Because from the curious, so I met UU’s zebra, met zebra UU. This is the life of the world in black and white, a little Mei’s zebra, with his unique vision, from the perspective of his interpretation of the city, walk at the corner of the city, with its own way to live, in black and white world, looking for their own position, recorded his own life.

UU, is to find such a life of Capricorn female zebra.

Capricorn woman, if no coordinates or direction in life purpose, she will stop thinking: I am not throwing in the waves of life?
Some people may think that Capricorn women are not that romantic, especially the world where morality strong sense of family responsibility of women seem to have re-ran Capricorn. In fact, people are not friends not romantic, but it is very practical, even if what she really decided to go Trick fire behavior, it is absolutely careful assessment, careful consideration before.

Step by step of Capricorn, even though most people likely to be carried away by the feelings of the first field, but also try to figure out which of cause and effect, if you lose patience, get away, it is something in your house, they might only make She was also looking forward to the next stand the test of time. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Saturn’s autobiography time is 10 hours, 10 hours a taxi to find inspiration to do is a reflection of Capricorn woman will look on the things worthy of her respect. Respect for people who can not make her things, unable to obtain the trust of her or through her quality control review, also makes her feel like throwing in the waves of life. Capricorn, is deep down, there are attachments kept on the constellation.

On the creative sense of taste is always very strong-minded and active Capricorn women, to force the action on the pursuit of their ideal vision, the life must be a lot smoother, because for her achievements, is a growth and learning, either so, in the end always found the city not to find people who appreciate things.

Like the zebra in 10 hours to find the Capricorn female portrait master who UU, once found his inspiration is gone, we should look for persistent back. She said the “zebra do not care how fast the run, care about how long run”, I think more suitable for her own feelings.

Zebra who appreciate the blazing clean comics.
Constellation little prince! Capricorn zebra people

Constellation little prince! Capricorn zebra people
Capricorn girl must have UU has found her lost zebra, October 20th 10-hour taxi journey to find inspiration for the little prince will give Constellation more inspired! Keep

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