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See the topic will be a kind of very strange feeling it? Yes ~ I ~ When I first saw this when the word depressed for a long time, what zebra people, ah! ? Sagittarius Centaur I have heard, now emitting a zebra one! ! ! ? ? ? Really odd ~Because from the curious, [...]

Capricorn Capricorn personality is very direct person, in principle put very clearly, do not compromise the place is also very stubborn, so even if the attitude is very moderate, but also to convey a “no relaxation” of the shelf. And they talk only of the work, even an easy chat, chatting chatting topic will turn [...]

Pisces Pisces women are two types, one is relatively weak and more confused the little woman, another Pisces woman has always been a good wrist, both at home and in the company really understands how to incentives and penalties, the repairs on the tube on the pipe repair, but She will also house all done [...]

8 to 11 January, the National Books Fair 2010 held in Beijing, the cultural and publishing units participated in the exhibition. Sina culture in order to study channel will set up a studio on site, and sign the little prince an interactive connection. Moderator: Hello, everybody around the world Sina friends! Welcome to the 2010 [...]