Things in the world are often a coincidence, it can be said to be a bond, regardless of permanence of friendship, or love and love, or feeling warm and close, have shared a common fate of opportunity. Flowers and flowers are so determined to not open, unintentional positive outcomes, positive efforts to do anything, but why no result, inadvertently made the situation a move Querang turn, seems about right and wrong are not absolute, may be the wrong time encountered on the people, tomorrow is always a mystery. Some people must follow their own ideas as to the action, any error must be rejected, and some constellations are very enjoy what comes naturally, the wrong is perhaps the most beautiful misunderstanding.

Constellation little prince! Error created by love


Strong affinity scales, Duirenduishi are then the casual, congenial that they pay attention to, like, and they have the same interest in people to get along, if there are any disharmony in the atmosphere, will take the initiative to leave the scales, they seek stable life, at any point it appears to be negligible in the others will let them know what to do. Affect growth in the scale, not too much to their own or someone else set the requirements, they are believe in fate, it is attention to detail, but not too serious, so is the scales the wrong thing often, in their view, error is not a priority, focusing on results, since the wrong choice of a blessing that no one way, then continue down it, anyway, has come out of this step, not to retreat, and perhaps also have beautiful scenery along the way . Love, too, fall behind, met the wrong, wrong in love with the wrong break, all because we are not mature enough, wrong, wrong bar, everything has passed, such a field in the wrong The story, scales to learn how to treasure the memories, also find their own happiness.


Further pursuit of perfection is a bit picky Virgo, the most obvious feature, they do things very carefully, very carefully, lest what they have missed, and some lack of confidence in Virgo, very strict on their own, want to be in other people is the best, end, their efforts to complete book this or that goal. About love, Virgo although there is often a dream of Prince Charming ideal to spend with them every happy minute, but the actual reality Virgo also know that there are some men are not required not for that ideal lovers and lonely his life on the most beautiful season of love, so there will be a virgin love the wrong circumstances. They believe that love itself is a misunderstanding, and perhaps each other while walking on the left, and they often go right, as two balanced line, for a long time have nothing in common, they may not have the opportunity never met, but because some people, things, and two in one day while walking to one side, so he met, and perhaps would be wrong, but as long as Haohao De operation will mistake the flower of love will open as beautiful.


Striker is absolutely independent of the constellation, personality loose, things that interest only concerned about everything else on them is like watching opera, superficial, and come the rush to much haste, only as an occasional conversation. Optimistic shooter, basically they will see they are not happy, they know how to self-regulate, to rid them altogether unhappy life, you plan is frankly, given their own happiness. Not steady shooter, and love for them should be to mental and physical pleasure, and it is natural, no need to insist, it should be so natural to happen, even if it is wrong, but also kind of experience, they will not avoid the error, but actively embrace the love and curiosity of them, want to see the wrong what will be the outcome, or hi, or sad, will free and easy to take things easier, there was nothing to tangle, and count it as a romantic adventure Well, wrong channel forward together, emotions are their freedom, the next screen is the rainy day, or sunshine, only to the grasp of their own, this error may love and have a beautiful ending, perhaps nothing , leaving their own front line, but at least no regrets, shooters will be very grateful to this error in the date, then dashing to the next section of landscape.

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