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Taurus love making fun of ourselves Uphold the subject concentrated on the Taurus, the evaluation of things through personal experience is always experience, have come to comment on assertions. New insight on the life they can use their easy humor, making fun of ourselves the way, convey a deep insight. They do not mind the [...]

snow like film covering the entire piece picture I go home at midnight of that section of the road points their trivial dense mood After all, who the first say some words we need to have a decision between the We are no less than proud Liao but some would not say if will never [...]

Gemini Geminis, in the emotional world, basically for three minutes hot people who love life like a colorful, so they will easily get tired of the feelings stay too long, or lovers lost interest, and Ever since they do not like being bound, like himself made any decision, if the other half of the forcibly [...]