February 24th, 2009

Constellation little prince! Fuss

Constellation Little Prince! Fuss


“What?! Idle at home, you do not even work!” This thing has a target on all the time and fault-finding Virgo is a very serious matter. No wonder she would not be surprised, were born to live a rule, they are real life models, as long as her areas of life, by the irresistible violations and accidents, the poor will be personality tension shows.


When the implementation of a fair and just when the scales of asymmetry or imbalance; elegant, soft hands and feet they will panic, unprepared for Daisha live! OCD is like the spirit of the general, can not continue to live her normal life, he will have everything you want is not structured Xu, stabilize the balance after the security. Checks and balances, scales, can continue to show her elegant style to live.


Nature romantic, dreamy Pisces, seems to have people outside the real world things, muddled with.
As the sensitive nature, it is easy for some trivial thing and into being a serious setback. So for her depression, From time to time of onset, of course, commonplace thing!

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