Constellation little prince! To a friend's advice to be more happy

Aries doggy: no impulse

Aries sometimes do things without considering the consequences. Impulse punishment did not let them get a long memory. So many of my friends are due to the whims of Aries lopsided. Therefore, Aries, think about something, is not very troublesome thing, before the impulse, where to go yelled several more strong than when the outbreak.

Taurus 2 Dan: no longer stubborn

Taurus they do not like to hear other people’s advice, though on the surface of conformity, but the work efficiency is still its own way. Therefore, the Taurus’s stubborn, and sometimes make people look angry. Taurus who have not thought about, the views of others may be what your ladder of success.

Gemini Edward: no wonder

Gemini, like the pursuit of new things, so do not know what the immediate grasp. Because of his own curiosity always lose some important people. Pursuit of new things can be, but curiosity can kill a cat, I hope Gemini restraint in this regard to a number.

Cancer Dora A Dream: no love

Cancer are very easy to fall in love with a man, and very easy to lose a person, because in their world, the love was too broad. If you can not single-minded love, constellation Cancer the little prince who urged restraint, or start with a serious look at their feelings of love it.

Leo Xiaoqiu: no loyalty

Leo sense of obligation, that is good. But, sometimes, do not you go to sense of obligation. If excessive exaggerate their own responsibility, then the breath of life will make you tired.

Virgo Ogawa: no longer care about

Virgo meaning sometimes looks really great, but the inside is actually very mean. They are easy to get angry, the exact point that should be fuming. Virgo can be angry, but not to temper the people who sent to the irrelevant Oh.

Libra soup in mind: no beauty

Scales are of the “beauty of the heart” is always at work. So, even if already have the other half, also from time to time to look Piaoxiang outside. The balance of the world simply do not matter, so the immediate well-being or a good grasp of it.

Scorpio Troop: not arrogant

Scorpio seem to have a innate sense of superiority, even if the surface is not shown, within the heart will put myself higher than others level position. Only, arrogant, after all, a bad habit. A lot of good things, often because of your arrogance and pass you by.

Sagittarius Little Buddha: without hesitation,

Sagittarians, although apparently generous to the purists, but really, his hesitation in the mind began wandering. Sagittarius, and if their own goals, then pursue it boldly, what it can be stopped by their own efforts.

Capricorn natives: no longer try to be brave

Self-reliance is good, but not too strong Oh. Everyone can not take up all the things, so that when relying on other people, do not try to be brave herself. Sometimes, put aside his own heart, may be able to usher in better things.

Aquarius Little Yu: no reason

Bottle seemed for Funny nonsense, but he’s rational in the 12 constellations should be among the best. However, sometimes too sober but not good. Why things do think too carefully. Occasional confused look and feel the pleasure of living it.

Pisces Xiaoshuai: not sensitive

Pisces have a fragile heart had other people voice a little more hard, he will feel hurt. Some unintentional act, or others, can be easy on him depressed for a long time. Therefore, the fish is they, more exercise tolerance own right, this is the most basic things to adapt to social Oh.

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