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Cancer She is very gentle and caring friendly people and beautiful, tall and good, decent and courteous manner then, if you feel out of reach, the conditions must have felt bad, she was so on the unattainable. In other cases, we must ask yourself, you fall in love with someone else’s girlfriend, why do? When [...]

PiscesHe likes when you will always drowning in your side, what do you say he would agree that this is the best proof that he likes you. AriesWhen he looked at you with a clear eye and then ask you what kind of objects like, from the time of attack less than five minutes. Taurus [...]

Out the window, looking for snow landing.Under the window, thinking of unparalleled wet.Memory, such as drawing as outlined.Memories, it seems like shake off rain and snow.So, want to love but not love.Always, like the pro but not pro.Who has been wrong with the lonely body?Who, like the coexistence with the loneliness?Heart, should not have been [...]